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Drilling workover completion supervision

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SPIE Oil & Gas Services with more than 30 years expertise manage :

   - Global and Sectorial Workovers operations contracts

   - Hook up completions preparation , test and onsite installation & supervision

Geosciences Data Management 
and Studies

illustration_carre_well_services_geosciences.png - 20KoAt SPIE Oil & Gas Services, we provide a complete range of services, from data collection and management to geological and reservoir modeling. Our highly qualified team consists of experienced geosciences specialists, capable of providing expertise services quickly and around the globe...

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OCTG and Pipe 
Yard Management

illustration_carre_well_services_octg.png - 26KoThe procurement, logistics and management of OCTG inventory and yards can be a real headache. To help you control costs and improve the efficiency of you operations, SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides a full range of OCTG and Pipe Yard...

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Our experts who are knowledgeable about your particular areas of interest are available to quickly answer your questions or comments.

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