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Geosciences Data Management and Studies

From data management to interpretation

illustration_carre_well_services_geosciences.png - 20KoAt SPIE Oil & Gas Services, we provide a complete range of services, from data collection and management to geological and reservoir modeling. Our highly qualified team consists of experienced geosciences specialists, capable of providing expertise services quickly and around the globe. We provide both engineering from our main office and on-site technical assistance.

Making the data speak

Our services enable you to re-evaluate existing fields, prepare for exploration in new and complex areas, make sense of heterogeneous and multi-source data understand the environmental challenges of each project with baseline studies and reporting. In particular, we provide advanced oil seeps solutions and a patented system for seismic color vectorizing. Thanks to the experience and reactivity of our team, you can put projects on the fast track.


Petrophysical interpretation – Maerk Oil - Denmark

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Drilling workover 
completion supervision

illustration_carre_well_services_drilling_workover.png - 27KoSPIE Oil & Gas Services with more than 30 years expertise manage :
- Global and Sectorial Workovers operations contracts
- Hook up completions preparation , test and onsite installation & supervision

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Drilling Completion 
Production Services

illustration_carre_well_services_drilling_completion.png - 27KoSPIE Oil & Gas Services Drilling Completion Production Services provides the equipment and personnel you need during field exploration, production and development. The experience and knowledge of our well drilling experts ensures...

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Our experts who are knowledgeable about your particular areas of interest are available to quickly answer your questions or comments.

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