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Electricity and Instrumentation

Powering your facilities

illustration_carre_epc_electricity_instrumentation.png - 26KoElectrical and instrumentation systems are the nervous system of today’s onshore and offshore oil & gas facilities. To make sure these complex systems are installed on time and in compliance with your specifications, you need to partner who knows the business and understands your requirements.




Experience and local presence

When you work with SPIE Oil & Gas Services, you benefit from over 20 years experience providing electrical and instrumentation systems to the oil & gas industry. We have a highly developed network of local specialists, who are able to move quickly to support your project. Thanks to their expertise and experience, they are able to meet your security requirements, technical standards and your schedule. Our contractor services include:

  • Consultancy Services & Audits;
  • Basic and detailed Engineering;
  • Instruments and Equipment Specifications;
  • Procurement, Integration of third-party supplies;
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual;
  • On-site Commissioning;
  • Training and Technical Assistance;
  • Warranty and Maintenance Services;

For Electrical Systems we provide MV/LV generation & distribution, lighting, earthing, lightning and cathodic Protection. We also install Field Instrumentation. During the critical hook-up phase we can also operate as the integrator, handling everything from the hook-up preparation to all the onshore, offshore and yard works and associated training.

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illustration_carre_epc_process_engineering.png - 23KoAt SPIE Oil & Gas Services, we provide customized services to select, mobilize and manage high quality engineering specialists with strong international experience and specific expertise...

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illustration_carre_epc_telecom.png - 20KoOil & Gas installations present special challenges for telecommunications. In remote areas and harsh climates, they are the lifeline that links your people and assets with the outside world...

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Our experts who are knowledgeable about your particular areas of interest are available to quickly answer your questions or comments.

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