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Rotating Equipment

A turn for the better

illustration_carre_asset_support_rotating_equipment.png - 24KoWhen your production relies on rotating equipment, extended shutdowns and malfunctions are your enemy. SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides services for rotating equipment through its subsidiary GEMCO, which has over 30 years experience in the maintenance and repair of turbo engines.

GEMCO is completely independent and has no links with OEMs. This enable us to work in complete transparency and partnership with our customers. We are dedicated to maintenance and preserving your assets, rather than systematically replacing them with new, expensive components.


Turnkey simplicity

GEMCO provides tailor-made service packages that meet all your needs and requirements for maintaining rotating equipment. The goal is to extend service life and achieve the required levels of performance while optimizing costs. Our services cover preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. In conjunction with local SPIE Oil & Gas Services business units we can provide a global approach to maintenance issues through Global Maintenance Contracts. We also provide a complete range of technical expertise like advanced repair engineering, major overhauls, management of turnkey overhaul projects, parts reverse engineering, and refurbishment & relocations.


TOTAL E&P – Angola (On Going)
Block 17 FPSOs; Turbomachinery maintenance, major overhaul and upgrade

SEEG – Gabon (2010)
THERMAL POWER PLANT; Rehabilitation of two GE MS5001P power units, completely stripped down and refurbished in Gemco’s workshop

EDF - Cordemais (France) (2009)
Partial overhaul of a 700 MW low pressure steam turbine casings and shaft line Qualification to work under “EDF’s cas 1” Quality Assurance System guidelines; Turnaround time: 3 months

Gemco : http://www.gemco.fr/en/

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Operating Manuals

When you need highly specialized technical document to operate and maintain your installations, SPIE Oil & Gas Services originate, produce and deliver the technical operating manuals and documentation you need. With over 20 years experience in the field, our staff has produced operating manuals for dozens of high profile projects around the world...
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illustration_carre_asset_support_maintenance_engineering.png - 22KoAn effective maintenance and inspection program can significantly increase the safety and reliability of your operations. But managing all the tasks related to developing and organizing your maintenance and inspection activities takes a special combination of...
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Our experts who are knowledgeable about your particular areas of interest are available to quickly answer your questions or comments.

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