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Working at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Driven by passion and values

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Our approach to human resources is driven by the passion we have for our business and by the three core values of the SPIE Group:

Local Presence – Performance – Responsibility

We firmly believe that our employees’ competencies are at the core of our industry. Therefore our HR business partnership policy focuses on further improving these competencies by developing appropriate tools and processes.

The SPIE Group’s Diversity Charter defines diversity as more than just an issue of corporate responsibility. It is a key factor in our economic performance. That is why we value the competencies of all our people and promote the diversity of our employees worldwide:

Our teams are comprised of more than 70 different nationalities.

We use the experience and skills of our senior employees to better integrate and train new graduates. In a traditionally male-dominated sector, we strive to grant equal access to both men and women to jobs, training and career paths.

We provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This policy is part of a collective agreement, approved by all unions at headquarters level.


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