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EPC project for rehabilitation of offshore platforms in Gabon

Gabon - 2012-2013

On January 4, 2012, the Integration System BU received the order from Ponticelli Gabon for the revamping of offshore platforms located on Anguille and Torpille fields for an amount of 11 million Euros.

These 2 fields, located 18km South-West from the Peninsula of Port-Gentil have been discovered by TOTAL in 1962 and brought into production in 1966.

They are made up of more than 16 platforms divided into two different types:

  • 5 Production platforms
  • 11 Satellite platforms

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is in charge of the rehabilitation works for 7 of these 16 platforms (5 Production platforms and 2 Satellites), in electricity, instrumentation and telecommunication of the facilities that have become obsolete.

For each of these platforms, SPIE Oil & Gas Services scope of work will be to achieve:

  • Studies of retail and construction E/I.
  • Purchases of E/I equipment.
  • Transportation and transit of material.
  • Test and Check up before starting.
  • Support to commissioning.
  • Mobilization of personnel for the execution of the works offshore.

 It’s a key contract which confirms the skills and the expertise of SPIE Oil & Gas Services in its ability to implement offshore projects in large-scale in SIMOPS* such as ROSA and KIZOMBA.

  *SIMOPS: (SIMmultaneous OPerationS : work without extended shutdown of production)


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