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Full management of Operation & Maintenance of Ras Laffan Common Seawater Facility

Qatar - 2011-2016

The Common Cooling Seawater Facility (CSF) is undertaken by Qatar Petroleum (QP) to cater to the cooling water needs of LNG trains at Qatar Gas and Ras Gas, GTL trains at Shell Pearl and Oryx and Desalination at RLPower Co., Q-Power & Ras Girtas Power Co.

The facility has a capacity in excess of 1,000,000 cubic meters per hour. Supply of sea water to Ras Laffan Industries requires equipment such as 7.4MW / 3.3KV Variable Speed pumps, 220KV and 33KV substations, transformers, electrochlorination facilities capable of producing 2,100 cubic meters per hour of Hypochloride solution. The capacity of the facility represents about 200 km associated steel and GRP piping of up to 4 meters diameter.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services was awarded for the Global Operation and Maintenance of the facilities.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services mobilize 168 persons, 12 in Production (operation), 147 in Maintenance area and 9 for Administration.


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