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Maintenance and inspection of Dalia FPSO

Angola - 2005-2016

In October 2005, SPIE Oil & Gas Services had been awarded the Maintenance & Inspection of the Dalia FPSO* for duration of 5 years. The contract was extended for the 2011-2016 period.

The Dalia oil field, operated by TOTAL E&P Angola is located 150 km offshore Angola in a water depth of 1,500 m It currently produces 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day with a storage capacity of 2 million barrels.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is in charge of the maintenance of the FPSO. About 90 persons are working offshore and a team of 8 persons is working onshore on method and preparation. The scope of work includes electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, HVAC, control system and safety equipments.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services also has 2 specific positions for turbine maintenance and conditional maintenance.

For the logistic and administrative work SPIE Oil & Gas Services rely on the Luanda Office staff.

*FPSO: Floating Production, Storage & Offlanding


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