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General Operation and Maintenance contract on ONAL onshore production field for Maurel & Prom Gabon.

Gabon - Since 2008

ONAL onshore field situated 80 km South of Lambarene and 170 km East of Port-Gentil has a nominal production of approximately 16,400 barrels/day with 31 wells working with electrical pumping system and water injection in the reservoir.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is maintaining and operating this site with 22 expatriates in rotation 4X4 / 68 Gabonese people in rotation 4x4.

5 Drilling Rigs are working on new wells and work over activities.

3 Sites of on-shore production: Onal, Coucal and Topo.

The oil is conveying by reheated pipe on 125 km linking the 3 sites.

The whole of the oil installations are new and benefit from last technologies. Our teams took part in the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up phases.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is in charge of the raw production part (installations driving, reheating, separation, storage, counting and expedition), but also of the whole maintenance of the oil installations in the different businesses: mechanics, instrumentation, electricity and automatism.


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